The most effective counseling and therapy comes not only from a foundation of education, but from a place of life experience and true understanding. It comes from the personal side of an individual who is real - a human who feels like everyone else. That is what brings my approach to a different place because of this relatability.

Because humans are all different, I apply a combination of therapeutic modalities to your counseling experience. This results in a comprehensive and holistic approach. All counseling consists of cognitive behavioral therapy which is a therapeutic approach systematically analyzing in correcting the way we think which directly affects our mood and the way we behave. I insert psychoeducation when therapy calls for it in instances such as common disorders with trauma or ways to cope with symptoms of perinatal mood disorders/postpartum mood disorders.

The mind is very powerful however people underestimate how powerful our bodies are and what messages it may be trying to tell us. And though it is important to know where we have come from(past history), it is also the present of that which we live. You are encouraged to become aware of your immediate needs, meet them, and let them recede into the background. Self awareness (mind and body) provides insight to one's needs and wants.

happiness achieved
When your needs and wants are met, happiness can be achieved.

I also enforce solution focused therapy. Why make more work for ourselves? If a behavior or thought worked for you in the past, then we need to access it. There are assets in everyone and I will help you reestablish a connection to your innate strengths.